Nismo Drag Racer - Courtesy of Nissan Motorsport

Launch from the Start with your Mental Focus and Stay Calm for the Perfect Gear Shift

Nismo Drag Racer - Courtesy of Nissan Motorsport



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    MyndPlay and Nissan Motorsport present Nismo Drag Racer: The World's First Mind Controlled Video Drag Race.

    The App is being launched as a feature in the Nissan Nismo Tour Bus at Le Mans and then all over the world.

    Step inside a special edition Nissan Nismo 370Z sitting at the start lane of the famous Santa Pod Race Track; you have only 5 seconds to get your mind in the zone; Can you match the mental focus required for the perfect launch and then maintain your confidence and composure to pull of a perfect gear change..all in under 15 seconds.

    Download and test your skills today.

    Free download courtesy of GT Academy and Nismo.

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