Parkour Heroes II: Training

Over 15 mind bending challenges inc heights, distances, balance, confidence and lastly, perseverance.

Parkour Heroes II: Training

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    **Requires MyndPlay V2.1 to play, download it free from our software downloads page.

    PH2 is a revolution in interactive video as it combines real live motion video with mind control interactivity to create an intense gaming experience allowing a player to gain hours of video game time in less than 20 minutes of video.

    PH2 has over 15 challenges and over 40 interactions and possibilities in 2 core sections, the training and the run.

    You will have to pass 3 challenges to complete the Training session, in each challenge you will be tested mentally with heights, distances, balance, confidence and lastly, perseverance.

    Your first challenge will be a 2 inch wide beam 30 feet up in the air, you must manage the dizzy POV heights and remain fully mentally relaxed in order to complete this challenge; you will be measured three times.

    If you complete the beam successfully you make it to the roof hop challenge which measures your ability to remain focused through precision jumps across 7 foot gaps.

    The last challenge of the training pits you against a 13ft wall and a 6 foot long leap of faith into the air, with 4 possible failures and only one way to pass; you will need to stay in the zone to get past this one. The zone challenge is all about remaining both calm and focused at the same time, a state known as peak performance.

    Once you complete your training you will be given an opportunity to put it all into practice on a crazy run where you will be tested on your nerves and ability to stay in the zone during a chase, you must complete 5 challenges ending with jumping into a moving car to complete all trials; you will then become a true Parkour Hero.

    Remember it’s all in the mind.

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