Parkour Heroes Pt.1

Mental Free Running Hero Experience

Parkour Heroes Pt.1

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    Runtime Approx 4-6 minutes with 8 interactive alternatives

    *For use with MyndPlay v1.3

    Parkour Heroes is MyndPlay's first interactive Parkour series bringing the mental side of the adrenaline packed sport to the forefront by forcing the user to develop the mental skills of a free runner in order to be a true Parkour Hero.

    Part 1 introduces you to the world of parkour through a mugging on London's South Bank. Keep your calm and focus to keep up with the mugger. If you lose your focus, you can fall, crash or stumble at any of the hurdles. Prove your worth by catching him before the end for a bonus.

    Parkour Heroes features world famous Parkour and Free Running group Parkour Generations.

    Directed by Abid Mahi

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