Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism

Do you have the courage to perform the Perfect Exorcism?

Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism

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Category: Thriller/Horror

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Language: English


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    Runtime - Approx 7-9 minutes

    *Requires MyndPlayer v1.3 and above

    Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism is the first in a series of short interactive Horror/Thriller movies with multiple endings and plot lines that change dependant on your thoughts and emotions.

    Come face to face with a Demon as an acclaimed Exorcist and use your mental focus and calm to save 3 lives...One being yours.

    Interactivity: 2 Interactions, 3 Alternative Endings

    As seen on Engadget and in Stuff Magazine (April 2011)

    Episode one: Special Price £1.99p

    Director: Abid Mahi

    Content Producer: Treite Labs - Imagine, Innovate, Inspire

    *Apps sold at are for computers only, mobile versions of the apps can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Market