MyndPlay Sports Archery Lite

Take 3 Shots, 10 points each, use your mental focus to hit the perfect 30

MyndPlay Sports Archery Lite



Category: Sports

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Language: English


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    *Requires MyndPlayer v1.3 and above

    Archery Lite is a Target Practice demo giving the user the ability to take 3 shots with the London Archers, for each shot there are 10 possible outcomes (points), aim for the Bullseye and keep your focus and calm to hit a perfect 30.

    A true marksman has the ability to turn everything off and focus on the objective at hand when needed, lose your calm and agitation sets in, soon the shot goes wrong.

    This app has been designed to help develop your ability to work to peak performance through entertainment.

    MyndPlay Sports full version coming soon...

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