MindReflector® C-1 Model Neurofeedback Training

Make your mind a better place

The MindReflector® C-1 Neurofeedback Training Application is a true EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback training device for Windows-based operating systems (Coming soon for Mac OS). Your brain trains itself using visual and audio feedback from your library of mp3 and avi media files.

The MindReflector® C-1 application uses EEG brainwave data received from the MyndBand EEG headset (purchased separately). Real-time information about a user’s state of mind is provided by the MindReflector® application to offer four different training protocols: Quiet Focus, Meditative Relaxation, Full Spectrum Training, and Alpha/Theta Training. These protocols incorporate proprietary algorithms based on current brain-behavior research and knowledge of the neural correlates of consciousness.

The MindReflector C-1 interprets data received from the headset in the form of digital information about the amplitude of frequency ranges varying from .5 to 49.75 Hz. These ranges approximate eight important EEG signal bandwidths: Delta, Theta, Low Alpha, High Alpha (SMR), Low Beta, Low Gamma, Mid Gamma, and High Gamma.

The training protocols monitor the amplitudes of relevant groups of EEG bandwidths to operate a media playback stream. As determined by the MindReflector protocols, specific bandwidth amplitudes are augmented or encouraged to increase, while others are inhibited or encouraged to decrease.

During the operation of the device, feedback is delivered based on dynamically adjusted amplitude targets. While the adjustment of the targets is carried out automatically, protocol difficulty can be manually adjusted to individualize training sessions. Protocol choice and difficulty specification can be managed by the user or by a clinical operator.

Application of the three methods of control, built-in algorithms, manual control, and dynamic automated adjustments, provides a wide range of training options for each protocol and within each session.

MindReflector helps make your mind a better place.

MindReflector is compatible with the MyndPlay MyndBand and Neurosky Headsets.

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