MyndBand + MRT Research Toolkit - Save £100

MyndBand + MRT Research Toolkit - Save £100

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A new updated version of MyndBand EEG headset - MyndBand BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) - is now available. iOS compatible, faster, with longer battery life.

Sensor update: MyndBand BLE now comes with a triple sensor; all the sensors are now located in the forehead area.


The MRT Research Tools are used in over 300 Universities world-wide and has been referenced in dozens of published academic papers.


• Research Grade EEG with RAW

• Bluetooth®

• Passive Sensors

• Rechargeable Battery

eSense Brainwave Patterns

• RAW EEG Signal (3-100 Hz)

• Attention

• Meditation

• Eye blink

• Neuroscience frequency bands:

3 to 50hz

The MyndBand senses your focus and feelings to create a new interactive experience like nothing else. It wirelessly connects to your computer and includes everything you need for new mentally-driven abilities in supported software. For both PC and Macs.

The Development Tools are included for free, so all users can develop their own exciting apps.

The Research Tools are a cost effective and user-friendly solution for conducting EEG-oriented research.

The Research Tools includes NeuroView and NeuroSkyLab, two specialized applications to study and understand the behaviors of brainwaves.

NeuroView is designed to be appropriate for novice to intermediate EEG researchers wishing to view and record EEG data in real-time. The recorded data can easily be exported to other third-party applications for downstream data analysis and processing. The recorded data is in a Comma-Separate-Values (CSV) file, and can be opened in programs such as Excel.

Measurements can be taken in:

- Raw signal

- Neuroscience defined EEG power spectrum

- eSense meter for Attention

- eSense meter for Meditation

NeuroSkyLab is targeted towards advanced EEG researchers who are familiar with the MATLAB environment, providing more customization and real-time data viewing and analysis.

The Research Tools do not include any hardware. These tools are for Windows XP / Vista / 7 only.

The Research Tools are recommended for use with the MindBand or BrainBand.

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